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      Thursday, August 13, 2020
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory
What's in this Directory?
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How do I view the organizational structure?
How do I get a printed copy of the directory?
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How can I find my MLA? (includes email addresses)

This directory is a listing of provincial government ministries, crown corporations, agencies, boards and commissions, organizational structure (divisions, branches, etc.), and contact information (inquiry lines, addresses, fax numbers). It also contains public information related to government employees such as position titles and telephone numbers.

The database is updated regularly by contacts within the ministries, crown corporations and agencies.  Each organization is responsible for the currency of their directory entries.

You may review the structure of individual government organizations or the whole of government.

1. To view an individual organization's structure - From the Home Page, click on the plus sign of the organization that you would like to view and the structure will display.  Continue clicking to drill-down through the structure.  Click on the name of any organization for further information.

2. To view the structure of the whole government or detail for an individual department - Near the top of the Home Page in the Search section, select Government of Saskatchewan Organization Structure. Then select the individual Ministry, Crown Corporation, Agency, Board or Commission.

The "Saskatchewan Government Directory" was published by Telecommunications Branch of Saskatchewan Central Services and is no longer being printed. 

If you have any questions or comments about a printed directory, please call or email:

CS, Telecommunications Branch -- (306) 787-6879
Email: GTDS Administrator

This site is a directory service only.  We have no specific information on legislation or individual programs administered by the various ministries, crown corporations or agencies.  The Saskatchewan Government web site at provides general information and access to the individual web sites.

The MLAs are listed here in two formats:

You can also find information at the Legislative Assembly's web site at

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