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      Monday, December 09, 2019
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Saskatchewan Government
Medical Services Branch
Insured Services
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1st Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 6X6
Click to ExpandDenise GradDirector, Insured Services306-787-3425
Click to ExpandSonia ParraAdministrative Support306-787-8851
Click to ExpandDr. Peter GormanMedical Consultant306-787-8851
Click to ExpandDr. Ramzan AbdullaMedical ConsultantNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandDarren JohnsonManager, Claims Analysis Unit306-787-3465
Click to ExpandJudy LarsonSupervisor, Claims Analysis Unit306-787-3439
Click to ExpandJackie Campbell-PascoeSupervisor, Claims Analysis Unit306-798-2038
Click to ExpandShylah GiovannettiOperations Support Clerk306-787-1474
Click to ExpandJune BeckettMedical Claims Analyst306-787-3188
Click to ExpandSharon LackmantzMedical Claims Analyst306-787-0461
Click to ExpandHeidi GouwsMedical Claims Analyst306-798-0646
Click to ExpandCarolyn ErosMedical Claims Analyst306-787-9456
Click to ExpandJanet FlashMedical Claims Analyst306-787-1833
Click to ExpandKathy BergenMedical Claims Analyst306-787-2575
Click to ExpandLynn NerenbergMedical Claims Analyst306-787-7115
Click to ExpandClaudette PetzMedical Claims Analyst306-787-6112
Click to ExpandMelanie McIntyreProcessing Support Analyst306-787-0182
Click to ExpandLisa SzemanMedical Claims Analyst306-787-8294
Click to ExpandAlison WoodProcessing Support Analyst306-787-3470
Click to ExpandStacey SchwickrathMedical Claims Analyst306-798-0122
Click to ExpandSharon Taphorn BoydMedical Claims Analyst306-787-3276
Click to ExpandInderjit KaurMedical Claims Analyst306-787-9324
Click to ExpandJohn (Kang) LeeOperations Support Clerk306-787-2902
Click to ExpandConnie TownsendMedical Claims Analyst306-798-0645
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