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          Friday, June 05, 2020
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Deputy Minister's Office
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 6X6
Click to ExpandMax HendricksDeputy Minister306-787-3041
Click to ExpandMelissa KimensExecutive Assistant to the Deputy Minister306-787-3444
Click to ExpandJune CoveyExecutive Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Minister306-787-3042
Click to ExpandDenise MaczaAssociate Deputy Minister306-787-3186
Click to ExpandRachele FlorizoneExecutive Administrative Assistant to Denise Macza306-787-3048
Click to ExpandMark WyattAssistant Deputy Minister306-787-4695
Click to ExpandMarilyn DayExecutive Administrative Assistant to Mark Wyatt306-787-4696
Click to ExpandBillie-Jo MorrissetteAssistant Deputy Minister306-787-3147
Click to ExpandShawna ErdmanExecutive Administrative Assistant to Billie-Jo Morrissette306-787-3260
Click to ExpandRebecca CarterAssistant Deputy Minister306-787-0513
Click to ExpandShirley GebhardtExecutive Administrative Assistant to Rebecca Carter306-787-3044
Click to ExpandSherry HusbandExecutive Coordinator to the Deputy Minister306-787-3647
Click to ExpandShaylene SalazarExecutive Policy Advisor306-529-4362

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