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    Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Justice and Attorney General
Strategic Systems and Innovation
Mailing Address:
12th Floor, 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Click to ExpandMonica FieldExecutive Director306-798-1309
Click to ExpandYashu BitherDirector, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics306-787-0469
Click to ExpandRick DavisDirector, Enterprise Business Support306-530-4048
Click to ExpandSpencer DavisDirector, Technical Design and Delivery306-533-7533
Click to ExpandMark SlannDirector, IJIMS Strategy and Delivery306-798-8063
Click to ExpandErinn VargaAssistant Director, Strategy and Portfolio Management306-787-2737
Click to ExpandTracy BorrowmanExecutive Coordinator306-787-8062
Click to ExpandGinger RitshieExecutive Coordinator306-798-1358
Click to ExpandBrad KlingerProject Manager306-529-3112
Click to ExpandTrevor MacknakFinancial Manager306-787-0499
Click to ExpandArchit SinghData Solutions Architect306-570-6349
Click to ExpandStephanie FolkSenior Data/Report Analyst306-798-4164
Click to ExpandSiva SivayoganathanSenior Data/Report Analyst306-787-3611
Click to ExpandAgasthian VenkatachalamSenior Data/Report Analyst306-798-1423
Click to ExpandEmele WaughSenior Data Business Analyst306-798-1247
Click to ExpandBlair WotherspoonSenior Business Specialist306-539-0569
Click to ExpandJeanette GibbsBusiness Support Manager306-420-7070
Click to ExpandMark NikolicManager, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics306-570-6348
Click to ExpandMichael OtasanyaProgram Manager, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics306-570-6350
Click to ExpandCarol SchwartzBusiness Support Lead306-787-6413
Click to ExpandGrace FournierBusiness Support Analyst306-798-0109
Click to ExpandLisa Hampel-BallanBusiness Support Analyst306-787-8974
Click to ExpandSherri LindgrenBusiness Support Analyst306-933-5446
Click to ExpandJanet McDowellBusiness Support Analyst306-694-3232
Click to ExpandChris MilliganBusiness Support Analyst306-280-9254
Click to ExpandLinda PetersBusiness Support Analyst306-480-6394
Click to ExpandBlain WalterBusiness Architect306-798-1053
Click to ExpandMike SchienbeinClient Services Coordinator306-787-6179
Click to ExpandAvneet KaurClient Services Coordinator306-798-1301
Click to ExpandTricia KesslerClient Services Consultant306-787-0214
Click to ExpandDallan LarsonClient Services Consultant306-798-1359
Click to ExpandShirley LippClient Services Consultant306-787-8979
Click to ExpandRenee PritchardClient Services Consultant306-787-6503

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