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      Thursday, August 13, 2020
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Independent Offices
Ombudsman Saskatchewan--OMBUD
Telephone Number:
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500-2103 11th Ave, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3Z8
Click to ExpandMary McFadyenOmbudsman306-787-6211
Click to ExpandGreg SykesGeneral Counsel306-787-6255
Click to ExpandLeila DueckDirector, Communications306-787-7369
Click to ExpandYinka JarikreAssistant Ombudsman306-787-6210
Click to ExpandWill SutherlandAssistant Ombudsman306-787-2039
Click to ExpandPat LyonAssistant Ombudsman306-787-1431
Click to ExpandStephanie PashapouriComplaints Analyst306-787-0352
Click to ExpandHarry WalkerComplaints Analyst306-787-6211
Click to ExpandKarin DupeyronComplaints Analyst306-787-0301
Click to ExpandStacey GirouxA/ Executive Administrative Assistant306-787-6213
Click to ExpandJennifer HallAssistant Ombudsman306-787-2324
Click to ExpandNicole ProtzComplaints Analyst306-787-2691
Click to ExpandLaurie TaylorAdministrative Assistant306-787-6212
Ombudsman Office Saskatoon

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