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    Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
Water Security Agency
Technical Services Division
Dam Safety and Major Structures
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
3rd Floor, 111 Fairford Street E, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada, S6H 7X9
Click to ExpandJody ScammellDirector, Dam Safety & Major Structures306-694-7732
Click to ExpandAllison RueckerManager, Dam Safety306-787-8626
Click to ExpandDerek BarnesProject Manager, SWS306-694-8907
Click to ExpandRory WindrumProject Manager, RGD306-694-7730
Click to ExpandCody AndersonEngineer, Geotechnical Structures and Design306-787-9405
Click to ExpandImteaz BhuiyanGeotechnical Engineer306-787-9290
Click to ExpandRashed ChowdhuryEngineer, Geotechnical Structures and Design306-787-9382
Click to ExpandMackenzie FultonEngineer in Training, Dam Operations & Maintenance306-694-8944
Click to ExpandAshley GusikoskiSenior Engineer, Dam Safety306-964-1444
Click to ExpandJasyn HenryEngineer Specialist, Geotechnical Structures and Design306-787-9246
Click to ExpandBraden JackleTechnologist, Geotechnical Structures & Design306-694-3966
Click to ExpandJennifer RosteSenior Engineer, Dam Safety306-964-1468
Click to ExpandRajib SahajiEngineer, Dam Operations & Maintenance306-694-8943
Click to ExpandShifullah KhaledEngineer, Dam Safety306-787-9381
Click to ExpandJenae NixonEngineer in Training, Geotechnical Structures and Design306-787-9421
Gardiner Dam
Rafferty Dam

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