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    Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Saskatchewan Government
Legislative Assembly
Members of the Legislative Assembly - Alphabetical
Beaudry-Mellor, Hon. Tina (SP)
Beck, Carla (NDP)
Belanger, Buckley (NDP)
Bonk, Steven (SP)
Bradshaw, Fred (SP)
Brkich, Greg (SP)
Buckingham, David (SP)
Carr, Hon. Lori (SP)
Chartier, Danielle (NDP)
Cheveldayoff, Hon. Ken (SP)
Cox, Herb (SP)
D'Autremont, Dan (SP)
Dennis, Terry (SP)
Docherty, Hon. Mark (SP)
Doke, Larry (SP)
Duncan, Hon. Dustin (SP)
Eyre, Hon. Bronwyn (SP)
Fiaz, Muhammad (SP)
Forbes, David (NDP)
Francis, Ken (SP)
Goudy, Todd (SP)
Hargrave, Hon. Joe (SP)
Harpauer, Hon. Donna (SP)
Harrison, Hon. Jeremy (SP)
Hart, Glen (SP)
Heppner, Nancy (SP)
Hindley, Everett (SP)
Kaeding, Hon. Warren (SP)
Kirsch, Delbert (SP)
Lambert, Lisa (SP)
Lawrence, Greg (SP)
Makowsky, Hon. Gene (SP)
Marit, Hon. David (SP)
McCall, Warren (NDP)
McMorris, Don (SP)
Meili, Ryan (NDP)
Merriman, Hon. Paul (SP)
Michelson, Warren (SP)
Moe, Hon. Scott (SP)
Morgan, Q.C., Hon. Don (SP)
Mowat, Vicki (NDP)
Nerlien, Hugh (SP)
Olauson, Eric (SP)
Ottenbreit, Hon. Greg (SP)
Rancourt, Nicole (NDP)
Reiter, Hon. Jim (SP)
Ross, Laura (SP)
Sarauer, Nicole (NDP)
Sproule, Cathy (NDP)
Steele, Doug (SP)
Steinley, Warren (SP)
Stewart, Lyle (SP)
Tell, Hon. Christine (SP)
Tochor, Hon. Corey (SP)
Vermette, Doyle (NDP)
Weekes, Randy (SP)
Wilson, Hon. Nadine (SP)
Wotherspoon, Trent (NDP)
Wyant, Hon. Gordon (SP)
Young, Colleen (SP)

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