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         Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Saskatchewan Government
Highways and Infrastructure
Deputy Minister's Office
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
12th Floor, 1855 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3T2
Click to ExpandFred AntunesDeputy Minister306-787-4949
Click to ExpandShannon LindholmExecutive Assistant to the Deputy Minister306-798-0970
Click to ExpandDanielle MaierExecutive Secretary to the Deputy Minister306-787-4949
Click to ExpandPenny PoppAssistant Deputy Minister for the Design and Construction Division306-787-9287
Click to ExpandStacey RennebohmExecutive Assistant to Assistant Deputy Minister, Design and Construction Division306-787-4861
Click to ExpandAshmita MakwanaAdministrative Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Design and Construction306-787-4904
Click to ExpandTom LeesAssistant Deputy Minister for the Operation and Maintain Division306-787-4859
Click to ExpandHeather GilbertExecutive Assistant to Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations and Maintenance306-787-0764
Click to ExpandAnn BrodnerExecutive Secretary to the Associate Deputy Minister of Operations and Maintain306-787-4901
Click to ExpandBlair WagarAssistant Deputy Minister for the Policy, Planning and Regulation Division306-787-5028
Click to ExpandBrittany HunterExecutive Assistant to Assistant Deputy Minister, Planning, Policy and Regulation306-787-3962

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