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      Thursday, August 13, 2020
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Independent Offices
Elections Saskatchewan--ES
Toll Free:
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Room 301, 3303 Hillsdale Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 6W9
Click to ExpandMichael BodaChief Electoral Officer306-787-4290
Click to ExpandJennifer ColinDeputy Chief Electoral Officer, Corporate Services306-787-4061
Click to ExpandJeff KressDeputy Chief Electoral Officer, Electoral Operations306-787-0258
Click to ExpandJordan ArendtDirector of IT306-787-5768
Click to ExpandRichard HallDirector of OCEO Operations & Corporate Policy306-570-8657
Click to ExpandBonnie SchenherDirector of Electoral Operations306-787-0156
Click to ExpandAaron ThompsonDirector of Finance306-570-2134
Click to ExpandTim KyddSenior Director, Outreach, Policy and Communications306-787-7355
Click to ExpandAmanda SikoraElectoral Operations Officer306-519-0060
Click to ExpandVince AmyotteDatabase Administrator306-540-6423
Click to ExpandRebecca KayumbaFinancial Analyst306-519-1289
Click to ExpandSon LuIT Analyst306-533-9982
Click to ExpandPaul McLeodSenior Data Analyst306-519-2683
Click to ExpandHardik SoniProgrammer Analyst306-570-1594

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