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       Friday, January 17, 2020
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Population Health Branch
Surveillance and Central Support
Mailing Address:
3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 6X6
Click to ExpandPatty BeckDirector306-787-1405
Click to ExpandCindy RogersAdministrative Assistant306-787-8302
Click to ExpandLyn YeoAdministrative Assistant306-787-2923
Click to ExpandBrenda SaundersAdministrative Assistant306-787-1460
Click to ExpandNicole MaserekStrategic Planning & Policy Officer306-798-3144
Click to ExpandChristine RathwellStrategic Planning & Policy Officer306-798-2343
Click to ExpandBijay AdhikariProvincial Communicable Disease Epidemiologist306-787-7225
Click to ExpandHelen BanguraProvincial Communicable Disease Epidemiologist306-787-5135
Click to ExpandJohn ManaloCD Information Consultant306-787-7103
Click to ExpandMaryRose StangManager, Surveillance306-787-4491
Click to ExpandCharley LiuResearch Epidemiologist306-787-6544
Click to ExpandSazzadul KhanEpidemiologist306-787-0594
Click to ExpandMaria GreifResearch Consultant - Systems Analyst306-787-6798
Click to ExpandSharon MillerAnalyst306-787-8259
Click to ExpandRolf PuchtingerProvincial Chronic Disease Epidemiologist306-787-8697
Click to ExpandYoon Suk ChoSenior Policy Consultant306-787-2633
Click to ExpandTara SchellenbergField Surveillance Officer (PHAC)306-787-3084

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