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         Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
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4th Floor, 2220 College Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4V9
Click to ExpandPhil PearsonExecutive Director306-787-9505
Click to ExpandTanya StenglerExecutive Coordinator306-798-3071
Click to ExpandShantelle SjubergProgram Coordinator306-787-1156
Click to ExpandDiego PazanSenior Financial Policy Advisor306-787-4257
Click to ExpandYvonne AndersonDirector, Policy and Strategic Planning306-787-5476
Click to ExpandYves LachanceSenior Policy Analyst, Infrastructure Data Management306-787-9519
Click to ExpandDerek FroeseSenior Policy Analyst306-787-6073
Click to ExpandNevin FischerSenior Policy Analyst306-798-9553
Click to ExpandKevin FilteauDirector, Capital Projects639-590-5670
Click to ExpandAlicia McEwenSenior Facility Consultant306-526-8205
Click to ExpandColin LevesqueSenior Facility Consultant306-530-3407
Click to ExpandKayla BraunSenior Facility Consultant306-535-9008
Click to ExpandJeremy FleckSenior Facility Consultant306-527-7118
Click to ExpandMike StopanskiSenior Facility Consultant306-526-8013
Click to ExpandBarry AndrieManager, Geomatics306-787-6999
Click to ExpandAmanda BirkettFacilities Management Technician306-798-3070

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