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     Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Saskatchewan Government
Independent Offices
Ombudsman Saskatchewan
Ombudsman Office Saskatoon
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500 - 350 3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7K 6G7
Click to ExpandRenee GaviganDeputy Ombudsman306-933-6767
Click to ExpandAndrea SmandychManager of Administration306-933-5659
Click to ExpandChristy BellAssistant Ombudsman306-933-6709
Click to ExpandSherry PelletierAssistant Ombudsman306-933-7816
Click to ExpandLindsay MitchellAssistant Ombudsman306-933-8454
Click to ExpandRob WaltonAssistant Ombudsman306-964-1350
Click to ExpandAdrienne JacquesComplaints Analyst306-964-1355
Click to ExpandKathy UptonComplaints Analyst306-933-8164
Click to ExpandShelley RisslingAdministrative Assistant306-933-5500
Click to ExpandRyan KennedyAdministrative Assistant306-933-7397
Click to ExpandNiki SmithComplaints Analyst306-933-8165

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