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           Friday, May 29, 2020
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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
Water Security Agency
Technical Services Division
Hydrology and Groundwater Services
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
111 Fairford Street East, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada, S6H 7X9
Click to ExpandJeff WoodwardDirector, Hydrolgy and Groundwater Services306-690-1570
Click to ExpandTy AndersonHydrometric Technologist Operations, Hydrology Services306-630-2063
Click to ExpandJonathan CascagnetteTechnologist, Hydrometric Operations306-513-8673
Click to ExpandDarryl DormuthManager, Hydrometric Program306-513-7256
Click to ExpandKatrina EuteneierEngineer, Flow Forecasting and Operations Planning306-630-2568
Click to ExpandMartin GrajczykSenior Engineer, Flow Forecasting and Operations Planning306-630-9086
Click to ExpandCurtis HallborgManager, Flow Forecasting and Operations306-694-3942
Click to ExpandKamrul HossainEngineer Flow Forecast and Operations Planning306-631-4565
Click to ExpandKerstin JensenHydrologist-in-Training, Hydrology Services306-694-8900
Click to ExpandKei LoManager, Groundwater Services306-630-5794
Click to ExpandCameron MacDonaldSenior Technologist, Hydrometric Operations306-630-2249
Click to ExpandSaul MarinSenior Hydrologist, Hydrology Services306-964-1440
Click to ExpandAnatoly MelnikHydrogeologist, Hydrology Services306-513-7538
Click to ExpandAmeer MuhammadEngineer, Flow Forecasting and Operations Planning306-690-1274
Click to ExpandBart OegemaEngineer Specialist, Hydrology Services306-631-4391
Click to ExpandCesar Perez-ValdiviaManager, Hydrology Services306-513-8396
Click to ExpandJared RyanTechnologist, Hydrometric Operations306-812-6194
Click to ExpandNolan ShaheenSenior Hydrogeology Consultant, Hydrology Services306-694-3963
Click to ExpandArt SkibinskyEngineer Specialist, Hydrology Services306-694-3876
Click to ExpandRob WalcerSenior Technologist, Hydrology and Groundwater Services306-631-1985
Click to ExpandKangsheng (William) WuEngineer, Flow Forecasting and Operations Planning306-551-1757
Click to ExpandTrent WurtzSupervisor, Hydrometric Data Coordination306-630-9901
Hydrometric-North Battleford

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