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   Saturday, September 21, 2019
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Corrections and Policing
Custody, Supervision and Rehabilitation Services
Adult Correctional Facilities and CTRs
Regina Provincial Correctional Centre
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Box 617, East on 9th Avenue N, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3A6
East on 9th Avenue N
Click to ExpandJulien HuletDirector306-924-9022
Click to ExpandVivian MoranAdministrative Assistant to the Director306-924-9020
Click to ExpandMegan McLeanDeputy Director, Administration306-924-9024
Click to ExpandRenee DuffieldDeputy Director, Programs306-924-9027
Click to ExpandDarrell OlbrichDeputy Director, Operations306-924-9023
Click to ExpandTeresa ClementsA/Deputy Director, Personnel306-924-9025
Click to ExpandKaren MerkelDeputy Director, Standards and Communications306-924-9021
Click to ExpandMarosia DonaldAdmitting Supervisor306-924-9060
Click to ExpandDanae AcklesVisiting Officer306-924-9097
Click to ExpandStephanie LawrekNurse Manager306-924-9084
Click to ExpandJennifer McDonaldA/Senior Addictions Counselor306-924-9077
Click to ExpandMaurice MiazykRecreation Supervisor306-924-9091
Click to ExpandMaurice MunroAssistant Deputy Director, Operations306-924-9951
Click to ExpandDarwin WaggAssistant Deputy Director, Operations306-924-9951
Click to ExpandTony TigheAssistant Deputy Director, Operations306-924-9951
Click to ExpandBrent LusneyAssistant Deputy Director, Operations306-924-9951
Click to ExpandJamie MilliganAssistant Deputy Director, Operations306-924-9952
Click to ExpandShane ZessAssistant Deputy Director, Operations306-924-9951
Click to ExpandMIke OlteanA/Assistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 1 A/B)306-924-9920
Click to ExpandMike PyleA/Assistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 1 C/D)306-924-6611
Click to ExpandKeri HarmenAssistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 2)306-924-9040
Click to ExpandDoug PriceAssistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 3)306-924-9930
Click to ExpandKristal KellyAssistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 4)306-924-9072
Click to ExpandKyle StrawfordA/Assistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 5)306-924-9943
Click to ExpandJenna HansenAssistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 6)306-924-9919
Click to ExpandReuben MercadoAssistant Deputy Director, Programs (Unit 7)306-924-9913
Click to ExpandDave RauertAssistant Deputy Director, Programs (Honour Dorm)306-924-9009
Click to ExpandLeslie GordonCulture and Community Co-ordinator306-924-9078

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