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    Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
Water Security Agency
Technical Services Division
Engineering Services
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Mailing Address:
3rd Floor, 111 Fairford Street E, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada, S6H 7X9
Click to ExpandTerry BarkwayDirector, Engineering Services306-694-3972
Click to ExpandShay-Anne SchierInfrastructure Planning Manager306-694-3016
Click to ExpandBrad McClintonManager, Operations and Maintenance306-694-3024
Click to ExpandFarooq AshrafiSenior Project Engineer306-694-3462
Click to ExpandMike HamiltonSenior Technician, Project Engineering306-694-3889
Click to ExpandNazmul HassanSenior Engineer Structural Design306-964-1445
Click to ExpandDoug KozuskoSenior Project Engineer306-694-3448
Click to ExpandTuan PhamSenior Structural Design Engineer, Engineering Services306-964-1455
Click to ExpandJamie StephensonSenior CAD Technologist306-694-3952
Click to ExpandMelvyn SzaboSenior Project Supervisor306-694-3985
Click to ExpandNayeem UddinEngineer Specialist, Structural Design306-964-1441
Click to ExpandTy ValleeProject Engineer-in-Training306-694-8945
Click to ExpandChad WebsterProject Supervisor306-694-8912
Click to ExpandBenjamin NewansTechnical Assistant306-694-7733

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