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    Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Justice and Attorney General
Innovation Division
Public Guardian and Trustee
Adults Unit
Mailing Address:
100 - 1871 Smith Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4W4
Click to ExpandCarolyn DeckerDeputy Public Guardian and Trustee306-787-7958
Click to ExpandCheryl RempelSupervisor306-787-5431
Click to ExpandKim BernerTrust Officer306-787-5688
Click to ExpandKate BrittnerTrust Officer306-787-8745
Click to ExpandChristine BrownTrust Officer306-787-4118
Click to ExpandCathy FangTrust Officer306-787-5348
Click to ExpandKyla GwilliamTrust Officer306-787-5430
Click to ExpandNicole HaiderTrust Officer306-787-5369
Click to ExpandMichelle HeintzTrust Officer306-787-2724
Click to ExpandJaclyn HurdTrust Officer306-787-8372
Click to ExpandMichelle LowTrust Officer306-787-8604
Click to ExpandFran PredigerTrust Officer306-787-8373
Click to ExpandJennifer StrosheinTrust Officer306-787-5324
Click to ExpandMarsha DeBoltAssistant Trust Officer306-787-3318
Click to ExpandSaralea DessertAssistant Trust Officer306-787-5441
Click to ExpandRoberta HozempaAssistant Trust Officer306-787-4548

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